Virtual Office: More Effective Than the Traditional Workspace

A Westport or Stamford CT office space may possess all the requirements for a business to run smoothly. But does it really motivate employees to ensure business profits? Or are the business flow and productivity disrupted by the long commutes and inflexible rules of workspace?

The latest trends show that traditional working arrangements are no longer conducive to productivity. Business structures are changing and are leaning more toward the benefits offered by telecommuting. An article from discusses the many other things that can be accomplished through this platform:

A greater part of the day can be devoted to job duties, projects and other work-related responsibilities because commuting time is eliminated. In some densely populated areas, commuters spend upwards of 10 hours each week just going to and from work. Telecommuters could put to use the saved time by dedicating more of their time to office work, or to achieving a work life balance by spending time with family.

Employees from the younger generations of workers–Generation X and Generation Y, in particular–find virtual work a tremendous benefit. Virtual offices and telecommuting offer flexibility, and the comfort of being able to work independently without conforming to work rules, such as a dress code and traditional work hours.

Although this may not be applicable to all business structures as yet, it is becoming clear that other workspace solutions like a virtual office are the change that can be profitable to business endeavors. There is no better company that can provide this but Connecticut Business Centers.

Our virtual office in Connecticut is conveniently and strategically located. It is also equipped with the latest and best telecommunications equipment and other necessities complete with a highly trained staff to take your calls and e-mails. Give us a call at Connecticut Business Centers, and we can offer you a better alternative.