3 Important Things You Should Know About Virtual Offices

High-speed internet, new software programs and mobile devices have transformed the way we work. Thanks to this technology, it is now possible to run a business with remote workers. Before you switch to a virtual office setup, however, you’ll need a few things. Connecticut Business Centers, an office space and virtual office service provider, explains more below.

What Are Signs It’s Time for a Bigger Office?

Once your business becomes successful, start thinking about how to expand your office space. Connecticut Business Centers is the leading choice for office space and virtual office services in our local area. We provide fully furnished executive office spaces perfect for entrepreneurs, small to large companies, contractors, home-based businesses and on-the-go professionals.

Boosting Productivity in Your Office Space

At least half of an employee’s waking hours are spent at work on a daily basis. As an employer, this is why you need to figure out how to spend their hours efficiently to benefit both the work they produce and their personal lives. Here are some ways to boost productivity in your office space that our team at Connecticut Business Centers would like to share with you.

Busting Coworking Space Myths

Traditional workspaces with cubicles are becoming a thing of the past. Many people, especially freelancers and contractors, are shifting to a more flexible working environment that fits their preference. Coworking spaces, for instance, offer a unique setup for people who want to finish their task at their own pace and style. This type of workspace, however, has its fair share of controversies.