The Rise of Shared Coworking Spaces

“The best coworking spaces are more than just tables and chairs,” Canada-based Centre for Social Innovation says, and we couldn’t agree more. Since the early 2000s, the concept of a diverse and shared community has been steadily growing in popularity. Today, the best coworking spaces offer more than just professional office space for a company’s daily operations. They also provide additional benefits that can inspire and motivate individuals toward a more productive goal.

The Rise of Shared Coworking Spaces

The Rise of Coworking Spaces

Different organizations have been specializing spaces and transforming them into a wide variety of coworking spaces that are functional, creative and collaborative. Whether you’re looking for a location to grow your start-up or a dedicated place where you can meet clients and other like-minded people, you’ll find a space that would suit your needs.


The idea behind a shared office space is not necessarily new. People have been using community locations for a collectively similar objective since the influx of telecommuters flooded the professional world. One of the biggest advantages of having an office away from the office (in the same vein as a home away from home) is the freedom to choose a place much more accessible for you.

Additionally, having easy access to commercial amenities such as restaurants, retailers and other services can prove extremely useful in today’s hectic atmosphere.

Connecticut Business Centers offers shared working environments that provide both comfort and accessibility to our users. Located at the heart of a bustling locale, our office space allows you easy access to public transportation, restaurants and recreational venues.

Maximizing Productivity

While every coworking space boasts different features to make them stand out, they all share a few common features for a more productive environment. Our spaces at Connecticut Business Centers are perfect for virtual and physical offices, dedicated client meeting rooms, and personal working areas with an emphasis on quiet focus.

We can help you find the perfect office space to grow your career or business. Call Connecticut Business Centers today at (203) 359-5600 for more information. We are located in the central business district of Stamford, CT, and cater to clients in nearby areas in Connecticut.