The Future of Office Spaces: A Change in the Office Standard

Companies today are reshaping the way the standard office space looks and functions. The rows of cubicles and factory-esque settings are now a thing of the past, and innovation is making the office space environment more accommodating to everyone.

Office Standard

In this post, Connecticut Business Centers discusses these new innovations and how they are continuously reshaping the way offices work and function.

Hot Desking: A Common Trend

Also known as no assigned seating, this is a common innovation in the tech business where employees have their own personal laptops and tablets. Employees can sit anywhere they like in the office space, and some companies are making this setting more accommodating by setting up modular and reconfigurable furniture.

Hot desking breeds collaboration between different divisions of the company, and can actually make your office process more seamless. Additionally, the fact that your employees aren’t completely restricted to one group of people means they become more aware of how their work affects others.

The Overlap Zone

This is another way to encourage a more natural and spontaneous collaboration between employees. These overlap zones are essentially “common areas” that make it more likely for people to run into each other. The most common setting is an outdoor lounge area sandwiched between floors or offices where employees can relax and mingle with their peers – even if they aren’t necessarily part of their division.

The Virtual Office

The virtual office space revolutionized the way companies set up their business, and it continues to reshape the way companies think how their operations should grow. Advances in communication technology have made this setting more accommodating for both the employer and the employee.

You can expect more start-ups and even established businesses to establish their own virtual office settings as it allows them to become more adaptable to sudden changes in workload or emergencies.

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