Stamford and Westport Connecticut Office Safety Tips

As a business owner in Connecticut, one of the important things you have to provide for your employees is a safe working environment. Most people think that just as long as you are inside the office premises, you are less likely to be harmed. But, according to a study done in 2008 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a little over 80,000 private-industry and administrative workers suffered on-the-job injuries every year in the US. Many of these could actually have been prevented if somebody recognized the risks.

To avoid accident-related injuries at work, here are some office safety tips:

  • Keep your work area neat and clean; always straighten out tangled wires to avoid trips
  • Keep doors and windows closed at all times; install security cameras in key areas in the office interiors and exteriors for monitoring
  • Keep floors and stairs dry to avoid slips; put up a caution sign when mopping floors
  • Keep sharp objects such as scissors and paper cutters in safe places

One other essential thing to consider is making sure that your Connecticut office space is strictly compliant with the state’s building code requirements. Even the minutest structural deficiency might cause an accident and could get in the way of the smooth functioning of your office due to legal issues.

This building from Hartford, for instance, would definitely be facing some charges, even if there were no injuries reported:

Main Street in Hartford was blocked off Saturday morning near the Gold Building at 777 Main Street after wind blew out a 20th-story window and sent the glass crashing to the street below, police said.

Hartford police and fire officials are on scene and a building inspection crew is on the way. Police said Main Street would be blocked off in that area for a couple hours.

No injuries were reported. It’s not clear if anyone was inside the building at the time.

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(Article Excerpt from: Window Crashes Down From 20th Floor of Hartford High Rise,, June 15, 2014)