Remote Working: Tips on Finding the Right Candidate

Remote workers are becoming increasingly common. Upwork’s Future Workforce Report projects that in the next decade, 38% of office workers will be working remotely. This trend isn’t surprising considering the numerous benefits of having a remote workforce, which include reduced office costs, larger access to a talent pool and higher productivity. 

Preparing for future workforce trends will put your company in a more advantageous position in the future. Connecticut Business Centers, one of the top office space providers in the state, shares some tips on hiring remote workers below. 

Of course, there will inevitably be some risks that come with hiring a remote workforce. But these can be reduced by hiring the right candidates. Listed below are the qualities a remote worker needs to be successful and how you can make sure a candidate has all of these. 

Communication Skills

Remote requires clear and constant communication between the company and the remote worker. As such, familiarity with the use of chat and video applications as well as email etiquette are a must. The way a candidate communicates while scheduling an interview should give you a good idea of their communication skills. 


The office can be full of distractions, which can hinder some employees from getting work done. These employees would be a better fit for remote working positions than employees who need social interaction. And even employees who prefer to work alone may find it hard to stay motivated throughout the day. It would be a good idea to ask a candidate what their reasons are for going into this line of work, as it gives you an idea on how they stay motivated throughout the day. 

A Collaborative Approach 

Lastly, a candidate has to work well with the rest of the team. Include in the interview some of the members a future hire will be working with to see if they’re a great fit for the team. 

The Ingredients for Success 

Apart from the right attitude and skill-set, a candidate will need to have access to the right tools. Using too many communication apps can be too confusing for some. That’s why we recommend using a centralized communication platform or a virtual office solution to ensure a smooth workflow. 

Centralizing virtual space options can be complicated, which is why it’d be better to hire an experienced office space provider. 

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