Quick Facts About Office Gossip & Its Hidden Benefits

A Harris Interactive study found that the biggest pet peeve of employees is workplace gossip. Office Pulse by Captivate published a study where almost three-quarters of the 12,000 respondents admitted to talking about their colleagues or company while at the office. However, behind-the-scenes chitchats aren’t always a bad thing.

Your trusted office space provider, Connecticut Business Centers, shares facts about workplace gossip and its benefits. 

It Encourages Cooperation

Standford University researchers discovered that when employees understand the behavior of others through gossip, they often use this information to align with those who are considered cooperative. Those who manifest selfish behavior can be excluded from the group. It’s beneficial for the team since selfish people are likely to exploit cooperative individuals for their gain. 

It Reduces Stress

Gossip in the office space also relieves anxiety. In an experiment, researchers found that those who saw someone manifesting bad behavior greatly experienced stress and an increased heart rate. However, being told what to expect lessened the effect.

It Promotes Self-Improvement 

A University of Groningen in the Netherlands study found that hearing good stories about others encourages employees to be better. Even when the gossip is negative, there is usually a positive outcome for those being talked about. When people know that others may gossip about them, they are more likely to learn from a bad experience. They improve their behavior by participating in more group activities. 

It Determine What Bothers You

Gossiping can help you assess the underlying reason for a situation. You may be overworked or under a lot of stress. Asking for changes in the workplace can also be an issue. 

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