Physical Vs. Virtual Office Spaces

More than a few startup business have weighed the option of keeping a virtual office space setup or leasing office space. If you are on the fence between staying mobile or leasing office space, read on as Connecticut Business Centers discusses the advantages of each.

Physical Vs. Virtual Office Spaces

Physical Office Space

If your team is located within a small radius, a physical office space may be the ideal option. You can hold team meetings on short notice, quickly impart ideas and perhaps even go on team lunches whenever you feel like it. A physical office also lets you schedule face-to-face meetings with existing and future clients, which makes closing deals more likely.

Depending on the nature of the job, a physical office space may improve productivity, with fewer distractions as opposed to working from home. The relatively rigid work hours can also make it easier for employees to maintain better work-life balance.

Working Remotely

Most startups begin as a home-based operation. Apple is a popular example, ostensibly founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in a Silicon Valley garage in the mid-1970s. If you are looking into expanding your operation, a physical office is a logical choice. However, this may be a different case if your team members are located across the globe. Also, some remote workers claim to be more productive when working from home, at their own time.

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices fill the gap between physical offices and working remotely. You can, for example, keep a team that’s scattered across different time zones yet still keep a physical presence in the area. Having a mailing address and a local phone number can spark confidence in potential clients. Typically, calls can be routed through VoIP so you can answer it wherever you are, but you can also have a call answering service if you wish to maintain focus on your work.

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