How Sharing an Office Space Can Benefit Your Company

The concept of sharing a Connecticut office space is not new. However, in recent years, more business owners seem to have gotten a newfound appreciation for it.

There are many reasons shared office spaces attract the modern-day entrepreneur or freelancer. For one, they present a more flexible and low-cost alternative for traditional office setups that require long-term leases. Another reason is the ease in collaborating with other companies working in the same space. This setup encourages community-building and networking opportunities that working from home or a coffee shop often can’t deliver.

Opportunity to Meet Would-Be Clients and Collaborators

Shared office spaces are abuzz with tales of introductions that surprisingly generated business. What’s equally interesting is how these connections seem to happen naturally.

In many cases, you’ll be working with other startups. Collaboration could be as easy as turning to someone at the table beside yours and getting their opinion on something. From time to time, you may also find yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with former employees of large companies that are downsizing. It’s not unusual to find potential hires already sharing an office space with you.

Making Friends and Meaningful Connections

One of the difficulties of working on your own is the social isolation. While it’s possible to meet or talk to other entrepreneurs at a coffee shop, it’s often difficult to have meaningful interactions.

A shared office, in contrast, brings together groups of people who have similar interests or who do similar work. Why not invite them to lunch? You’ll be surprised at how much conversations with budding business owners or freelancers like yourself could help you preserve your sanity.

Looking at What’s in Store for Shared Workspaces

Based on a co-working forecast released by Deskmag last year, many professionals remain optimistic about the future of shared office spaces. This is thanks in part to supportive communities and the creative collaboration encouraged by such set-ups.

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