How Different Genres of Music Impact Work Productivity

A lot of people enjoy listening to music while working because it helps them focus on their task. Recent research has discovered that music can improve productivity, cognitive tasks and mood. 

Today, your local office space provider, Connecticut Business Centers, discusses how different kinds of music affect workplace productivity. 

Different Music Genres Affect People Differently

Research has found that some tasks are made more productive by specific kinds of music. Ambient music encourages accurate data entry in 92 percent of people. Dance music improves proofreading speed by 20 percent while classical music improves accuracy by 14 percent. Pop music helps reduce mistakes by 14 percent and makes people complete tasks 58 percent faster. 

Another study discovered that streamlined music improves task persistence, implicit precognition, creative thinking and perceived focus. One study found that happy music dramatically and positively influences cooperative behavior. 

Manager-Curated Playlists VS Listening to Own Music

Nicole Stillings, a.k.a DJ Rose told Forbes that it’s important to match the music in an office space to the task. She mentioned that if you have speakers, you shouldn’t play the same tunes across the office because people are likely working on different things. 

However, it’s given that not everyone likes the same kind of music and some like to work in quiet spaces. Instead of improving productivity, playing music across the workplace can have negative effects on work performance.

If you choose to curate music in the office, you may still see people who prefer to work with their headphones on. Just keep in mind that it all comes down to choice. Some will choose to listen to what you’re streaming and others prefer their own tunes. Moreover, you can count on Connecticut Business Centers for beautiful, comfortable and convenient office spaces. Whether you need a virtual office or a full-time office suite, our team is here to help. Call us at (203) 359-5600­ or fill out our online form for more information. We serve clients in Stamford, CT, and areas around Connecticut.