Go Green: 5 Ways to become Eco-Friendly & Increase Profit

Going green doesn’t just mean helping to conserve the environment; it also means reducing costs and increasing revenue. Whether you own a huge and established company or a startup business, you can turn your workplace into a green office.

Here are five ways to do so:

Go Digital

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, paper and paperboard accounted for 27.4% of the country’s municipal solid waste (MSW) in 2012. If every company in the country decides to go digital, imagine the amount of paper we will be able to conserve. Imagine how much money you can save by not using paper at the office.

Send contracts, reports, memos, and details of meetings through emails.

Use Recycled Materials

You can help reduce the amount of trash that reaches landfills by choosing to use products made from recycled materials. Many of these products have the same prices as (if not lower than) their conventional counterparts.

Use Paper Wisely

Coins and stories aren’t the only things with two sides. When you need to print documents, think about printing on both sides to limit your paper consumption. The less paper you use in the office, the longer you will be able to stretch the use of your office supplies.

Work from Home

Many companies these days are allowing their staff to work from home a few times a week. Offer the same kind of arrangement or switch to a virtual office in Connecticut completely. When your employees are working from home, they won’t have to consume gas for transportation, which helps save resources. Your energy usage in the office will be reduced significantly, as only a few people will be there during certain days of the week. Furthermore, you may not need a lot of equipment, such as computers and desks, to accommodate the workforce.

Use Less Energy

Advise your staff to use energy-saving settings for their computers and other devices at the office. Encourage your employees to make shutting down their computers at the end of the day a habit. Don’t just leave them on standby mode, as they continue to consume energy even when they’re not in use.

Going green doesn’t mean making drastic changes in your business. You can take it a day at a time. Eventually, you’ll notice the difference, as you’ll be spending less on things that take up most of your current business budget, such as office rental and equipment, energy bills, and paper consumption.

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