Gig Economy: Reshaping the Workforce and the Workplace

Today’s work arrangements are no longer limited to the full-time, 9-to-5 type of employment. Unconventional gigs like part-time and freelance or temporary jobs are widely common, so much so that they have become an integral part of the economy. They may have been around for decades, but the rise of smartphone technology and the online marketplace helped bring forth what is called a “gig economy.”

Gig Economy: Reshaping the Workforce and the Workplace

Connecticut Business Centers, the premier office space provider in the local area, discusses this concept and how it reshapes the workforce and the workplace.

About the Gig Economy

The term “gig economy” refers to independent and freelance job positions that can be both temporary and influenced by technology. One example would be those who do freelance writing for clients from another part of the world. Earning a living by driving for Lyft or Uber, as well as renting out AirBnB spaces for tourists, are other examples.

A great thing about the jobs under the gig economy is that they allow people to take advantage of a flexible schedule. In other words, they have the freedom to work at any time or place of their own choosing. They may not have the traditional terms and conditions, but the gig economy provides individuals the chance to secure additional income on top of what they earn full-time.

Reshaping the Workforce and the Workplace

The prevalence of freelance and part-time jobs, contracts and projects in the gig economy helped reshape and redefine the workforce and the workplace in many ways. For one, it has brought forth an entire industry devoted to the shared workspace. Here, freelancers get to step out of their homes and take advantage of working inside an office space the same way full-time employees do and enjoy the benefits of collaboration.

Thanks to the gig economy, the face of entrepreneurship has changed. More and more millennials and Gen Z’ers are embracing the fact that they can sell their skills on the market to a variety of clients while working on their own.

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