Fixing Common Motivation Killers

A happy team is a productive team. Motivation glues them together and keeps them excited about their work. Leave them to dip and flag, however, and you will find your numbers plummeting.

Connecticut Business Centers looks at the biggest hindrances to motivation. We also look at how you can deal with these issues effectively to keep everyone’s spirits up in your Westport or Stamford, CT, office space.

1. Office Space

People place a great deal of importance in the quality and caliber of their workspace. Some of the considerations include adequate lighting, cleanliness, convenient access to all essential areas, and even space to move around. All of these things can subtly affect and influence your workers. Connecticut Business Centers offers all these conveniences, along with reliable Internet connectivity, full support, and even relaxation areas.

2. Collaboration

People who work in teams need to feel like they are relevant to their team. Studies have found that 39% of workers feel like their input does not count for anything. This can quickly lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. What will alleviate this problem is to have constant communication with your people. This is easy as our Westport and Stamford office spaces features open areas, plenty of spacious meeting rooms to interact, and even cafes and social areas where you can meet with your workers.

3. Technical Difficulties

No one likes feeling that the time they put into work doesn’t count for anything. This is often the case when your Internet connectivity is poor and inconsistent. Fortunately, Connecticut Business Centers offers office spaces equipped with the fastest Internet connection. We complement this feature with a dedicated IT team that will troubleshoot any problem you might encounter.

Consider some changes you can make to create happy, motivated workers. Give Connecticut Business Centers a call today at (203) 359-5600 and we can get you up and running within two business days.