Debunking Popular Myths About Virtual Offices

Having a physical office provides several benefits for a small company. The cost and upkeep of owning an office, however, is too much for most start-ups. Connecticut Business Centers can offer you a solution: a virtual office. We offer three excellent packages for our virtual offices, depending on your needs. Wondering if a virtual office is right for you? Today, we debunk a few myths surrounding them to help you make a decision:

Virtual Offices

The Lack of a Physical Office Makes It Difficult to Work

On the contrary, offices are some of the least productive places for working. At least three hours per day are lost due to interruptions and office-related distractions. In a virtual office, you can work remotely in a comfortable space. This means less distractions and more focused working hours, leading to better productivity. With a virtual office you have the freedom to control your environment to suit your preferences.

One advantage of the physical office space is that you can immediately display your branding to potential clients when they walk through the doors. You won’t have to worry about this with our quality virtual offices, though. Our packages come with access to our professional meeting and board rooms, as well as an on-call receptionist that can help improve your business’s image.

The Lack of Supervision Means No Productivity

Employee productivity has very little to do with how closely they are supervised. In fact, close supervision can have the opposite effect on their efficiency. Leadership is the key to employee motivation. If you and your employees understand where the company is headed and their role in its success, then their productivity will be inevitable.

Connecticut Business Centers is committed to helping businesses succeed. We can provide you with the support and the office you need to grow. In addition to our virtual offices, we also offer office space for rent in the center of the metro. Call us today at (203) 359-5600 to learn more about our packages. We serve business in CT, including Stamford and the surrounding Connecticut areas.