A Stamford Business Address is an Office Space Made Just for You

Renting an office space is essential if you want to ensure an effective working environment. There are several elements to consider and all are vital to achieving productivity.

Getting the right location, of course, is imperative because a good location can attract potential clients and add prestige to your company. Having the latest technology and equipment is also important, as these allow for cost effective business transactions. Capacity and amenities are actually underrated but they are quite crucial too because you want to make sure that your entire workforce is comfortable so each person can perform his/her job functions effectively. Check out this article from esellermedia.com:

Many serviced offices come with meeting room access, but check how many people have access to it, how well its managed and ask some of the existing occupants if its easy or not to get the meeting room. In many collaborative workspaces and serviced offices it is almost impossible to get a meeting room booked. In that case make sure your office is somewhere nice and near a café, coffee shop of something nice like a museum so you can have meetings in erudite circumstances.

If you are just starting, finding an office space that has all the convenient amenities seems quite difficult in the jam-packed business district of Stamford, which is dominated by large corporations. In such a situation, call Connecticut Business Centers! We specialize in providing Stamford CT office space for startups or expanding enterprises.

You can discuss your business needs with us and we will accommodate you with office space right in the heart of Stamford. We can provide you with a meeting room that can accommodate up to 35 people, complete with all the equipment like videoconferencing capabilities. We also offer catering and transportation services.

Our location near the Stamford Town Center provides accessibility for urgent appointments. With Connecticut Business Centers, you don’t only get the best Stamford office space you need, we will also deliver the things that matter most to advance your business.

(Article Excerpt from Office essentials: what you need, E-Seller Media, May 20, 2014)