6 Ways to Determine Office-Appropriate Attire

When it comes to attires in the work area, there’s a certain standard you have to adhere to. Your office may require business formal, corporate casual, and if you’re lucky, simply casual attires. If you work for the first type of office, failure to meet the dress code may result in an embarrassing faux pas that you’ll always remember.

In this post, office space Connecticut Business Centers discusses the six ways of determining if your attire is office-appropriate or not.

  1. Ask and Look Around – Nowadays, most offices don’t require an official dress code. During your visit to your potential workspace for an interview, observe the current employees and see if they have anything in common in terms of clothing. If you still feel unsure, you can always ask the HR Department if there’s a dress code you have to adhere to.

  1. Business Formal – If the dress code to your office is business formal, then it’s time to suit up. Men must wear a suit, tie and professional shoes while women can wear pantsuits or skirts, closed-toe pumps, pantyhose and blouses. This is the least flexible of office attires and is usually seen in the corporate world of accountants and lawyers.

  1. Professional Attire – The “professional” dress code affords a little more leeway when it comes to dressing up. Yes, men still need to wear dress pants and button down shirts but ties and suit jackets are completely optional. Women can dress up in conservative dresses. You can also be a bit creative with accessories and jewelry if you want to.

  1. Corporate Casual – If your office space has the corporate casual dress code then you can completely put the suit away. Women can now wear short-sleeved and sleeveless tops, even printed blouses and skirts are permitted so long as they aren’t very flashy. Men can now completely forego the jackets and ties so long as they’re dressed appropriately. Khakis can now replace your dress pants and though your shirt has to have a collar, polos of dark and neutral colors are now permitted. You can also wear loafers with no socks if you wish.

  1. Casual and Creative Offices – Should your office space happen to be casual or creative types, then it means you can wear what you want. You can show up to work in a shirt and jeans, so long as they have no tears. You’re afforded almost all the flexibility you can want in terms of clothing in casual offices.

  1. Follow Rules Regarding Inappropriate Clothing – No matter what type the office is, there is one consistent rule: don’t wear inappropriate clothing. These include sports jerseys, evening gowns, pajamas and clothing with offensive prints or slogans. Stained, torn and worn-out clothing shouldn’t be worn to work as well as they can give off the impression to your managers and coworkers that you’re lazy.

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