4 Ways to Improve Employee Happiness & Productivity

A 2015 study at the University of Warwick in the UK discovered that happier individuals are 12 percent more productive than the average person. According to the Harvard Business Review, unhappy people aren’t only less motivated to accomplish things, they are also more likely to miss work and commit errors. 

Increase productivity in the workplace with these tips from Connecticut Business Centers, a trusted office space provider. 

Make Employees Feel They Belong Improve Lighting & Outdoor Views

Studies say that employees desire to have a sense of belonging that connects them to something bigger and gives meaning and purpose to their work. Being more transparent about future strategies and plans of the company can help achieve this. It will also build trust and loyalty since employees can see their company and leaders for what they truly are. 

Improve Lighting & Outdoor Views

Natural light and windows in the office space can have a positive impact on the employees’ wellbeing. Having a view of the outdoors has been shown to encourage better performance in the workplace. Employees sitting near a window are more focused and interested in their work and manifest more loyalty to their organization. Other studies found that better lighting can improve productivity by 2.8 to 20 percent. 

Allow Employees Flexibility

According to the 2010 Workplace Flexibility in the U.S. report, flexible working arrangements can boost employee engagement. It was also mentioned that employees who have high access to flexibility are very fulfilled with their jobs. 

Set-Up a Breakroom

20 to 30-minute naps have been proven to increase productivity, improve alertness, speed up motor reflexes, raise accuracy, enhance decision-making, boost creativity and sharpen memory. Some companies designate quiet rooms where employees can take a quick nap or meditate. 

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