3 Ways a Green Office Adds Profitability to Your Business

In an increasingly profit-driven business environment, green ideas sure are a breath of fresh air. We’ve heard a lot about sustainable products in recent years. These are alternatives aimed to have minimal negative impact on the environment.

But have you heard of a green Stamford CT office space? Here’s how an environment-friendly workplace can profit your company:

1. Improved energy efficiency reduces energy expenses.

Switching to energy-efficient office technology can cut your utility costs significantly. Even simple things like turning off the HVAC in rooms that are not being used can make a difference. Does your office still use incandescent lighting? They are best replaced with more energy-efficient CFL or LED alternatives, which are just as functional but have a smaller impact on the environment.

2. Improved light and air quality can increase employee productivity.

Using environment-friendly technology inside the workplace can leave a positive mark on your employees. Better lighting and ventilation from green alternatives can work wonders for your employees’ mood. Slide up those blinds to let in views of the city or nature. Place potted plants around the office to add appeal and help in air recirculation.

Little things like these can surprisingly contribute to making employees engage more inside the office. The happier your employees are with their work environment, the better they’ll perform. It’s highly likely they will stay on their jobs as well. That means improved employee retention and less strained personnel budget for you.

3. Improved reputation makes you stand out in the market.

In a primarily ROI-focused business environment, green credentials can make your company more appealing to clients. Apply nature-friendly workplace practices to positively impact your company’s carbon footprint. You can start by patronizing products made from recycled materials. Implement a paper-free policy inside the office too. If you have the budget for it, you can train your employees in environmental awareness as well.

Here at Connecticut Business Centers, we believe that green is becoming the new black. This is why you can certainly apply sustainable practices for a more profitable working environment in the office and meeting spaces we provide.

Some of the benefits of working with us include the following:

  • Comfortable office space in a strategic location in the city
  • Access to meeting rooms and videoconference facilities
  • High-speed Internet connection

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