3 Reasons to Move Your Business to Stamford, CT

Choosing the location for your place of business is perhaps the most crucial decision owners and entrepreneurs have to make. Moving your seat of operations from one place to another may be tough, but in some cases necessary for your company to thrive.

If you’re already in the Fairfield County looking to transfer your business elsewhere, there’s no need to move states just yet. The county is home to several prestigious business districts, many of which rival those in Manhattan.

A Stamford, CT, office space, in particular, should make an ideal location for your business. Here’s why:

1. Demographics

According to Inc.com, you can use demographic data to assess a prospective location. The data can detail key things about the trade area, including income, education, and other traits of the residents. It gives you an idea whether you will find your target clients in that area.

Stamford has a diverse community comprising professionals from different fields. At the forefront of its large, well-educated labor force are designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and financial supporters who are the primary drivers of the city’s digital economy. An overall strong corporate community is leading the way for competitive rates and low unemployment levels compared with other states.

2. Neighborhood

You also ought to evaluate nearby establishments. See if they encourage growth for your business. You want your new office space to be conveniently and strategically located. It’s best to pick a site that is easily accessible by public and private transportation so that clients will have no trouble finding you.

Stamford is the economic engine of the Connecticut. Aside from being one of the fastest-rising business districts in the country, it’s also a major transportation hub that caters to over 55,000 commuters in a day. It’s located less than hour from four important airports: LaGuardia, Kennedy, Westchester, and Newark. It’s also accessible via Interstate 95 and Merritt Parkway.

Downtown Stamford has a lively, business-friendly culture, with over several restaurants, coffee shops, retail centers, theaters, and hotels that attract entrepreneurs year after year. It’s a known hotspot for many hedge funds and respectable financial institutions that will be good for your business.

3. Office Complexes

Stamford boasts some of the finest office spaces in the country. It’s home to numerous prestigious corporate addresses such as Landmark Square Center, located at the heart of the city’s business district. The center features impressively sized team rooms, conference rooms, and private offices.

Renting a Stamford office space at the center lets you enjoy fast and secure broadband connection as well as state-of-the-art videoconferencing technologies. You’ll also get access to a full-service café, health club, copy center, and private shuttles, among others.

Connecticut Business Centers has been helping businesses move to Landmark Square for many years. We’re confident that your company will get the boost it needs when you transfer to our flagship center. Talk to us at (203) 359-5600 about your options. We’ll have your workspace solution up and running in a single day.