Our Top Tips to Finding an Office Space

Looking for an office space does not have to be daunting. While there are a number of things to consider, multiple resources are available to guide you in the commercial leasing process. Let Connecticut Business Centers share these four tips to make the job simpler:

Office Space

Estimate the Area You Need

An office space in Stamford, CT, is often priced by square foot. When calculating the area you need, consider the number of employees you have and the space each of them will take. The average office will allot 125 square feet per person. You can also bring this down to 100 square feet if you need to be more economical. With most leases running on several years, you may not be able to forecast the headcount of your future employees precisely. Generally, you need up to 20% more space than what your current workforce needs.

Ask Your Peers for Advice

If you have peers who have taken an office space lease before, consult with them early. Ask them about the highs and lows of the process. You can also get recommendations on which places and brokers to consider. They can provide you with practical insights on each step of the process.

Carry a Checklist on Visits

When searching for an office space in Westport, CT, keep track of property information. Confirm that you have accurate details on each listing. It is worth carrying a checklist for all the questions you need to raise in each visit.

Enlist a Broker

Arranging to lease an office space can be time-consuming. The process involves searching, visiting, and negotiating. These are no easy tasks, so we recommend enlisting a tenant broker. Compared with a traditional broker who works for the best interest of landlords and building owners, the tenant broker will curate the best deals for you. They will search for listings based on your standards and expedite the leasing process. You can also authorize them to lock in the best agreement on your behalf.

If you are beginning from square one, these four simple tips can give you a better grasp of the leasing process. They can also lead you to make a smarter decision for your business. If you need a sleek and functional Connecticut office space, choose Connecticut Business Centers. Call us at (203) 221-2600 to learn about our best workplace solutions.