5 Bad Habits You Can Eliminate to Improve Productivity

Bad habits often lead to procrastination and compromised work quality. As creatures of habit, breaking apart from this pattern may not be easy to do. Nonetheless, a great degree of self-control and discipline can help. These will also be the foundation of a solid work ethic.

Improve Productivity

The first step to achieve this is to identify the bad habits. Connecticut Business Centers recommends addressing these five issues to increase you and your employees’ productivity:

1. Unnecessarily Overworking

One cardinal rule for increasing productivity is to know your limits. The 40-hour workweek was established with that principle in mind. Take your break and rest as needed. Encourage your employees to do the same as well. You may consider setting up lounge areas in your Stamford office space.

Studies also show that most employees, especially neophytes, tend to take additional tasks. Although this may seem impressive, it may actually do more harm than good. Having your hands full might overwhelm you, resulting in stress and burnout.

2. Restricting Communication

Research also shows that many employees experience a decline in their productivity because of their supervisor, not necessarily because of their workload. Make them feel that they can talk to you and ask questions or even help. Our virtual office in Connecticut comes standard with high-speed Internet to ensure continuous and open communication.

3. Practicing Multitasking

This method takes focus and attention away from your tasks, which may lead to half-baked results. To ease their way out of this practice, you may encourage them to group similar tasks together. They must complete this batch, before they work on another one.

4. Not Having a Goal in Mind

Keep in mind to prioritize and organize. Paint the big picture of your company’s goals and help your employees formulate their short-term goals. You may also put up visual leaderboards of their progress in your Stamford, CT, office space. This way, they can feel that their contributions matter to the growth of the business. This can encourage them to work harder and smarter, increasing productivity.

5. Embracing the Millennial Mindset

While technology generally brought good effects, there should be boundaries to its use. We advise using site blockers and turning off notifications from non-work related websites. These tend to divert attention away from tasks. Checking unnecessary web pages also breaks their momentum, which results in decreased focus and concentration among your employees.

By eliminating these bad work habits, you and your employees can work smarter and improve productivity. Our complete and flexible workspace solutions can further help you. Just give us a call today at (203) 221-2600 or send us a message to get started.